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Dental Lab Clinica 32

We wanted to preserve the historic character of the building and kept the arches in their original form to emphasize the authenticity of the space. The minimalist approach, with clean and simple lines, was enriched with a combination of contrasting materials, such as concrete, wood, and stone. This blend of textures and forms created a space with an authentic and harmonious atmosphere
Additionally, to enhance the sense of well-being and stimulate creativity, we decided to introduce a piano into the space. To accentuate its presence and showcase it, we chose to illuminate the piano with the help of a special lighting fixture made from quality materials, such as Barisol. This uniform and gentle lighting highlights the beauty of the piano and adds an element of elegance and refinement to the space.

Project Phase COMPLETED
Owner Clinica 32
Function healthcare
Project Team Alexandra Cosma, Aurel Patraucean

DAAC Studio is a studio focusing on appealing design and architecture, that captures and inspires life.