The proposal involves the construction of a primary school, with a height of P+1 floors, organized to accommodate 7 classrooms and 168 students. The construction is proposed to be located on a site in such a way that the learning spaces for the children are correctly oriented towards the cardinal points.

We aim to design a space focused on health and well-being, where experiences take center stage in our design process.

It is proposed to arrange the inner courtyard to include a recreational area consisting of a basketball court, a sensory zone and a green space. The sensory spaces provide children with an excellent retreat. In the sensory play area, musical instruments and a dome are found, offering children a place to escape the busyness of a crowded playground, to have some time for themselves or to socialize together.
Sand is not only fun but also valuable. Sensory play with sand is also therapeutic. Play is the language of children, and sand provides a safe environment for expression. Sand is a particularly great way to develop children's sense of touch.
The Eclipse Net Climber provides children with a new space for exploration that can develop their physical motor skills such as climbing and jumping. Sensory experiences support language development as children can talk about sensory materials and how they feel, touch, taste, smell, or sound. With sensory play, there is always much more happening than what meets the eye.
The green space consists of a permaculture area with vegetable beds and a fruit tree area.

Project Phase concept design
Owner U.A.T. ORAS Chitila
Function School
Location Chitila , Jud Ilfov
Area 1180 sqm
Project Team Alexandra Cosma, Laura Tachiciu, Aurel Patraucean, Daria Frunza.

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