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IBIS Styles Pitesti City Center

The design concept takes inspiration from the city's unique characteristics, particularly the vibrant "tulip symphony" festival. This influential event has shaped our design, incorporating the tulip motif to infuse the space with the beauty and energy associated with tulips.
The Urban Funky Tulip design concept seamlessly blends urban style with natural elements, resulting in a creative and playful design. By utilizing concrete materials on the walls, we introduce a contemporary and edgy vibe, while incorporating organic elements like vegetal motifs in the floor pattern to bring a touch of nature and harmony to the overall aesthetic. This harmonious fusion of urban and organic elements captures the essence of the Urban Funky Tulip concept.
Our design principles revolve around three main categories: shape, light, and color. In terms of shape, we embrace clean lines and trendy geometric forms, creating an uplifting atmosphere. Carefully considering lighting placement and intensity, we enhance the ambiance, highlight key design features, and establish a cohesive visual narrative, reflecting the tulip theme. Color selection plays a fundamental role in our design philosophy, utilizing a thoughtful combination of bold and vibrant shades of gray to create a warm and comfortable space.
By focusing on shape, light, textures and color, our design not only ensures aesthetic appeal but also functionality. We aim to evoke a happy mood and offer a sense of light therapy, while providing a warm environment with positive energy. Our design incorporates well-crafted, colorful, and playful elements that appeal to users of all ages and preferences. Ultimately, we strive to create a harmonious and captivating environment for those who experience it.

Project Phase IN PROGRESS
Owner private
Function HOTEL
Location Pitesti, judetul Arges
Project Team DAAC_STUDI :Alexandra Cosma, Aurel Patraucean, Daria Frunza

DAAC Studio is a studio focusing on appealing design and architecture, that captures and inspires life.